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Sep 24 2009

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What’s wrong with Nevada?

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Nevada seems like such a great place to live. You might not realize that it’s in terrible shape health-wise relative to other states.

That’s the picture painted by statistics presented at the Nevada Public Health Association annual conference, which was held Sept. 21 & 22 at the University of Nevada, Reno.

Here’s a sampling of numbers mentioned:

In terms of state health expenditures as a percentage of GSP, Nevada ranks 48th.

Number of primary-care physicians per 100,000 population: 46th

Registered nurses per 100K population: 50th

Children uninsured: 50th

Children immunized: 50th

Percentage of adults who visited a doctor in the past two years: 47th

Percentage of adults with poor mental health: 51st

Then there was this frightener: 35.7 percent of kindergarten students in Nevada are considered to be either overweight or at risk of overweight.

On the plus side (finally!), Nevada is No 3 in seat belt use.

What’s especially frustrating, said Jay Kvam, a health program specialist at the Nevada State Health Division, is that Nevada’s numbers are lower than surrounding states and lower than they one would expect them to be based on the state’s wealth and population.

More data can be found in the Nevada Health Scorecard prepared by the Nevada Academy of Health.

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