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Mar 19 2009

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Boomers prefer learning things a certain way

Ed Cohen

March 18, 2009

If you want Baby Boomers to participate in your programs, you have to understand that they have a different learning style than their parents, the so-called Veterans or Greatest Generation, or their children, the GenXers and Millennials.

            That was the message at a session today from a team representing the Braille Institute. Another message: Their organization, though still focused on helping people with vision problems, does a whole lot more than teach blind people how to read Braille.

            The generational differences in learning styles are illustrated in the chart displayed here, Learning style differences by generation. Here’s what Lisa Smith, assistant regional director for the institute, added about marketing learning programs to Baby Boomers:

  •             They see this period of life as a time for personal growth. They’re looking to acquire news skills and explore new leisure-time activities.
  •             They want flexible scheduling because many are still working. That means evening and weekend offerings, even if that’s not when your staff wants to work.
  •             They prefer intensive short courses to long ones, particularly if they’re still working.
  •             They expect education via the Internet to supplement any face-to-face learning experiences.

            One more interesting fact that Smith shared: It comes from one of the institute’s new courses, formerly titled “Independent Living Skills,” now retitled, in Boomer terms, “I  Can Do It Myself.” People with low vision often have difficulty handling money in the United States. Why? According to Smith, ours is the only country in the world whose bills are all the same size and color.

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